Group Work

By Douglas Baker

It is well recognised that what is most easily accomplished like the integration of a family with special bonds for each other is most difficult to extend to those with whom we are acquainted beyond or outside the family structure. The empathy we have for our own blood relatives is a cementing, which is well known to esoteric science and is a quality of love very peculiar to the Ray of Love-Wisdom present in more than 50% of humans in incarnation today.


But with careful application the same familial empathy can be extended to strangers through a quiet dissemination of their cohesive qualities of Love-Wisdom even in sometimes confoundingly difficult conditions of everyday life. Even though extraordinary circumstances such as war the second Ray will still operate to produce a family group in what has become known as camaraderie.*

In the harsh circumstances of big business, the same Ray will bring competitors together in a large conference or dinner and out of it a bonding, or through sharing out places in the village cricket team or in other friendly entanglements a sense of interdependence or interconnectedness.


The bonding may be extended through the Internet abroad to other countries even other continents. These are opportunities hard won by modern innovations and must not be missed. Out of this new gregariousness** there is arising a new world-order based on the spirit of bonhomie and world goodwill as the Age of Aquarius and its incoming energies emanate albeit through an emerging altruistic egotism.


Not all things have gone the way of goodwill. It has not been an easy ride for the emerging second Ray operating through its political expression of democracy. Human gregariousness has however concentrated the effectiveness of human genes into pools that collectively have ensured their dominance in the planetary scheme. This has encouraged hope that the new century will precipitate the expansive idea of groups but already the western idea of groups is being confronted with its first stumbling block, that of calculated terror as it has never been cognised on the planet in its calculated applications.


* Intimacy, sociability, comradeship ‚Äď a spirit of familiarity and trust existing between friends almost totally. Derived from German 'Kamarade' shouted by enemy soldiers with hands raised in surrender invoking brotherhood, fellowship and friendship.


** Derived from the Latin, 'grex-gregoris' a flock, hence flocking together in families, groups, clans, even the flocking together of more than 200 states at the United Nations!


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