Seven Rays Course

Seven Rays Course

This course builds upon the content of the Claregate Foundation Course in Esoteric Studies with an in-depth look at Esoteric Psychology.

The Seven Rays are the divine archetypes that underpin the functioning of the universe and their influence is seen throughout nature and in human anatomy, psychology and spirituality.

The subject of Esoteric Psychology represents a contemporary ‘key to the mysteries’ which is both practical and effective. It enables the student to understand their own psyche and to assist them with the process of 'rounding out' their personality through psychosynthesis and to function as a holistic being.

The purpose of the course is to furnish you, the student, with an in-depth knowledge of the Seven Rays enabling you to:

  • Ascertain your own particular ‘Ray Complement’ as a means of assisting you towards realising and expressing the purpose of your Soul.
  • Analyse the Rays of others so that you may offer them knowledge and insight towards the expression of the Soul’s Purpose.
  • Recognise the presence and the workings of the Rays in the outer world as a part of an evolutionary plan.
  • Utilise the knowledge contained within the Ray teachings in other areas of spiritual practice such as teaching and healing.


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