St Davids Cathedral

Tuesday 7th August

René Jenkins is a multi-instrumentalist, speaker, teacher and professional musician for over 25 years, working with many famous names. Playing ancient indigenous instruments, René takes us on a sound journey with Ancestral instruments of the Mayan, Zapotec, Peruvian and Hawaiian. Ritual flutes, Chimu whistling water vessels, Condor quill, Pan flutes, Didjeridu and more.  Through them he sings ancient, compelling melodies that reach down to our common ancestral roots. It is transporting to feel the actual vibrations pulsing through us, as if they are harmonious with our very life force.

See and hear a unique musical experience in this splendid building; a site of pilgrimage and worship for more than 800 years.

St Davids Cathedral - The Pebbles - St Davids - Pembrokeshire - SA62 6RD - Tel: 01437 720202
12pm - 12:45pm



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