The Cacao Ceremony

What to Bring & Preparation:

  • A bottle of water to keep hydrated (Cacao¬†can be dehydrating)
  • Anything to add comfort to sit on or lie down for deep rest-¬†yoga mat, sheep skin, throw, cushion, duvet (no air beds)
  • Wear loose comfortable¬†clothing
  • A blanket, to keep warm when journeying
  • An eye mask if you have one
  • A journal if you would like to write down anything of your experience
  • An object or something red for the alter that reflects your fire, passion or what you want to manifest in your life (this is optional and you can take it away after the ceremony).


To gain the most from Cacao it is best to have an empty stomach (no food for 3 hours prior). However if you feel you need something or struggle with your blood sugar beforehand eat lightly as you feel, fruit is ideal.

Keep hydrated prior to coming, herbal teas, water, coconut water, fresh juices are good.  Avoid alcohol, stimulants the day before, and on the day avoid caffeine and dairy products.

Also please message Zena as soon as possible if you have an nut allergy (she will be using organic Coconut milk and hemp seeds). Message Zena on 07342 675 928


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