Ted Capstick

Ted has been studying the Ancient Wisdom for over 30 years, through Thoesophy and the Alice Bailey School. In 1996 Ted met Dr. Douglas Baker and began working with Douglas and his Group on various projects including the Esoteric Astrology Series. Ted played a key role at the numerous English summer schools held by Dr. Baker and he lectured many times with him in South Africa and Italy. Ted is a professional esoteric astrologer and runs astrology classes in England. He also lectures nationwide presenting many subjects relating to human spirituality to esoteric groups and societies interested in spiritual development in the age of Aquarius. Ted continues in the vein of Dr Baker researching and examining the frontiers of human spirituality. He is also an active member of the Theosophical Society.


The World Beyond the Physical

In this presentation Ted will reveal how we have, like blind men, been unaware of worlds and planes of matter beyond the atom, which science now calls Dark Matter. Even Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein missed 90% of the universe, but the world beyond the Atom is an all interpenetrating sea of mental energy and matter in constant dynamic interchange. We are infinite beings.  Microscopically we taper off into cells, their atoms, fractals and quantum sub-atomic fragments.  Macroscopically our brain expands its awareness through wavicular, holographic and quantum states into the transcendental and beyond.  We are a miraculous reflection of infinity and we fit into, and are meant to fit into an infinite universe.


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