John Martineau

JOHN MARTINEAU graduated in Philosophy from Bristol University and spent a few years in the early computer games industry before completing a Master’s degree at the Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture in London under Professor Keith Critchlow. John’s project at the School was focused on geometry and harmony in the solar system, and culminated in his Book of Coincidence, which he published under a new imprint, Wooden Books (for which fellow student Mark Mills designed the logo). After leaving the School he developed Wooden Books further building a series of richly-illustrated and fascinating books exploring the age-old themes of nature, pattern, cosmos, design and geometry that he studied at the Prince’s School. Wooden Books now lists more than 60 titles, with 2.5 million printed copies in 25 languages. John's primary hobby is collecting solutions to the Cosmological Anthropic Principle.


Why does the universe appear so finely-tuned for biological life?  And closer to home, why does our closest neighbour, Venus, draw a pentagram around Earth every eight years?  How come the Sun and the Moon appear the same size in the sky?  Are we in some way 'participating' in the evolution of the universe, as John Archibald Wheeler claimed?  In this highly illustrated and entertaining talk, publisher John Martineau will demonstrate how the modern doctrine of randomness fails to explain some of the most basic phenomena around us.  Instead, he will argue, the true nature of the universe and its relationship to conscious observers may be much weirder than most people imagine.  Prepare for a fascinating presentation. 


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