Esoteric Astrology Workshop

Esoteric means influences coming from within us and intimates that we are not just the product of our hereditary equipment or environment but that there is a third factor that we call the Soul or inner Self.

This third factor was recognised by some transpersonal psychologists such as Jung, Maslow and Assagioli. Jung investigated the collective and personal unconscious scientifically and coined the term ‘psychological complex’ to describe the archetypal influences that impinge upon our consciousness.

Dr. Baker and the Claregate Group took Jung’s work a step further by investigating the unconscious esoterically and mapping these complexes astrologically. The horoscope can indicate what complexes lie in the unconscious.

Dr. Baker’s pioneering work was a new approach to esoteric astrology. It should really be called ‘new astrology’ as an indication of the unique and innovative techniques that have been employed including the production of visual images and the propositioning of the inner Self, these have revolutionised the art of interpretation.

The new astrology is the only branch of learning that intimates what the intelligent part of the universe, beyond our solar system, is thinking – and how its intelligence may be affecting us.  The maxim ‘As Above So Below’ indicates that what is celestial influences developments on Earth. The new astrology reflects this and it is the guiding process of this ancient, but restored sacred science.

The new astrology uses the symbols that we experience in dreams and meditation as well as those in every day experience. All of the latter, subjective and objective, can be translated in astrological glyphs.

The new astrology also gives comprehension to Morphology - how nature in terms of space and time fashions its forms so that shape relates to function. An example of this is the Fibonacci number sequence in nature and art. These truly esoteric energy patterns influence profoundly our thoughts, words and actions and it is imperative that we understand and work with them.

Human consciousness has expanded tremendously and has outgrown its old astrological rulerships. Orthodox astrology is struggling to map this expansion of consciousness. The new astrology uses twelve planetary rulers and this give greater depth for exploring interpretation more effectively.

The main aim of astrology is to give wise counsel, to apply it to yourself and to others  when direction is needed in life. It is a powerful psychological tool and helps us to establish meaning in deeper orders such as karma, previous lives, future trends and the Soul’s Purpose.


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