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Whenever a new phenomenon faces humanity, it tends to provoke a cautious response and the question that is most likely to arise is as to why we should embrace the new, when the currently established ways have served us so well to date. This is the current dilemma that humanity in general is dealing with in the face of the paradigm shift which currently confronts us. We are referring to the paradigm shift in science that has produced Quantum Physics.

In such times of uncertainty, it falls to the advanced in humanity – those who are trusted with the task of the advancement in human consciousness to be the example for all others to follow; but such advanced members of humanity can only take on the task if they can answer that same question, and adapt sufficiently so that they may take on the responsibility of carrying out the task in hand, and shine like a beacon that all humanity may follow. We shall therefore endeavour to answer this particular question by giving credible reasons for such an undertaking.

Question:  “Why is it important to study the underlying principles of Quantum Physics and how does it help to enhance the development of man’s consciousness?” 

Delphic Oracle

One of the greatest and most ancient guidance as to humanity’s purpose is the Oracle at Delphi which through the ages utters its sacred message “Man Know Thyself” an eternal statement that vibrates to this day and directs us in our evolutionary journey. Across the ages there have been various keys* that have served us, as members of humanity, in our quest for Self- understanding and towards ascertaining and expressing our life purpose. These keys manifest out of obscurity at specific times including the interlude between outgoing and incoming cycles and occasionally when humanity is facing unscheduled times of crisis, the nature of which endangers our progress on upon our evolutionary journey. Each key complements our level of development at any one time and enables one to regenerate their being whilst finding new impetus to pick oneself up and commence with the ongoing task of developing their consciousness in an effort to reach the ultimate understanding of their own nature. 

 * Psychological Key; Astrological Key; Scientific key… etc. 

Two Cycles

The current generations of humanity find themselves in incarnation on planet Earth at a time which is rather unique, in the sense that at this time we are experiencing a synchronicity of two outgoing major cycles being replaced by two incoming ones.

The two cycles in question are :-

a)The 2000 yr. cycle in Pisces being replaced by the cycle in Aquarius  

b)The 25,000 yr. cycle of the Greater Zodiac.

This type of synchronicity is powerful enough to activate a paradigm shift that would herald a new Renaissance – predicted in the latter half of the 2020’s. It is also worth emphasising that this type of synchronicity enables a ‘Quickening’ in the development of consciousness in all kingdoms on the planet and the influx of souls coming into incarnation at this time is also indicative of such a time and event.

The current paradigm shift has produced a Scientific Key in the form of Quantum Physics. 

“But what role does Quantum Physics play and how does it affect the consciousness of humanity?”

From Pisces to Aquarius

The transition from Pisces into Aquarius entail one main important significance. The cycle of Pisces gave birth to belief systems expressed through the various world religions. The maxim ‘I BELIEVE’ expressed so powerfully by Christianity in the opening line of the Nicean Creed “I believe in God the Father Almighty…etc.” 


Consciousness developed through the dogma of belief that could not be questioned. Humanity had to trust in the concept of Soul and in the power of a God they could know nothing about. It was a test of FAITH (a blind faith) in something higher than one’s personality.

In parallel to the Newtonian view of the universe, in religion, one could be aware of that which is greater than oneself… without the power to affect it in anyway whatsoever. Our natural progression is that we have to come to ‘know’ that which we (blindly) ‘believed’ in for 2,000 years.  

Knowledge  of ourselves helps us to discover our true nature… our true identity. Our knowledge of whatever is external to ourselves is not consciousness, e.g. a car or any other object is not consciousness; it is separate from our true nature. This means that knowing what consciousness isn’t helps us to define what consciousness actually IS.

There is a part of our human nature that is known to us; the rest of it is unknown. The known and unknown exist simultaneously and interchangeably and quantum principles, such as entanglement, complementarity, equivalence, non-locality, etc… the dynamics of the inner (subjective) worlds, help us to discover (or rather rediscover) more of what is unknown about our overall nature, in terms of our personality (the known) and the abstract part of our nature (the unknown) which when unified give us an overall knowledge of our true nature or Consciousness. 

The new Aquarian cycle presents humanity with yet another parallel … but one that empowers us not only to observe that which is greater than ourselves – but also to participate in it.  The maxim for the Aquarian cycle is ‘I KNOW’. The transition of humanity from a role of OBSERVER to one of OBSERVER-PARTICIPATOR. The KEY that enables humanity to fulfil this new role of participator is that provided through the paradigm shift in Science… Quantum Physics.

“But how does Quantum Physics enable humanity to fulfil such a role?”

Quantum physics did not just simply come as a shock to the established hierarchy of classical scientists, but it also revolutionised scientists’ views on humanity’s relationship with the material world. In terms of our role of observer-participators in our universe, Niels Bohr – one of the founding fathers of quantum theory stated that the existence of the world ‘out there’ is not something that enjoys an independence of its own, but that it is inextricably tied up with how we perceive it. In other words, one cannot separate the observer from what he is observing. As a result, we affect that which we observe and in turn it affects us. This indicates something of the importance and nature of our role as participator in our universe. 

Quantum operates in the sub-microscopic dimensions that form the microcosmic worlds. These quantum dimensions make up the worlds of subjectivity. They allow humanity to gain a glimpse of the inner worlds and through the diligent study of the dynamics and principles involved one gains access to the KNOWLEDGE of their higher divine counterpart and the nature of ITS environment. Also one will learn something of the laws that govern these inner dimensions of subjectivity and how their dynamics express themselves. The understanding of Quantum laws, principles and dynamics will enable members of humanity to consciously cooperate with their higher Self and to be fully aware of their direct participation in the fulfilment of their spiritual purpose in this incarnation. 

It is access to this knowledge, never before available to humanity that will enable us to fulfil our new role as a Participator in our own evolution and reveal other dimensions of our true nature in his attempt to fulfil the maxim of the Delphic Oracle.


But despite the opportunities presented to mankind in these times, we cannot underestimate the task in hand. Our ability to observe and to participate in that which we observe, demands a radical shake-up in our view of the true nature of Reality. Our ability and power to adapt will be tested through and through as we face the weird, unpredictable and uncertain nature of quantum laws and their dynamics. We will come to realise how we affect that which we observe and how, what we observe, in turn affects us. We will find out that our macrocosmic and our microcosmic dimensions respond to the same underlying laws and are far from separate, despite the fact that classical science stubbornly upholds that the laws that govern them respectively are different, but this stubbornness is indeed short lived as physicists come to realise that the enigmatic nature of the quantum worlds that raises so many questions can only be resolved through the inclusion of Consciousness as an integral part of their research.  

Finally, the role of observer-participator enables us to build and rebuild not only our current world environment but also the environments of future worlds. We become fully aware of our responsibility in this regard. In the end we are the masters of our fate and we are the captain of our soul.


The following are statements made by some of the most eminent individuals in humanity researching the frontiers of consciousness – statements that remark both on the factor of outer world illusion and humanity’s reluctance to embrace the new.

“The doctrine that the world was made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness – turns out to be in conflict with Q. Mechanics and with facts established by experiment.” – Bernard d’Espagnat  (Scientific American, 1979)

“We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller

 “Commonsense – is prejudice deposited in the mind of Man before the age of eighteen! "– Albert Einstein

“We choose our next world by what we learn in this one. But you may have learned so much at one time that you didn’t have to go through a thousand lives in order to reach this one.” Anonymous


Paul Wright


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