The Grail Quest

In the Grail legend the knights, after experiencing a partial vision of the Grail, leave behind their noble and honourable lives and enter the Forest Adventurous, a symbol of the inner worlds, in pursuit of the Grail which represents the Soul.

It is within the Forest Adventurous that they undergo many tests and trials which determine their worthiness to proceed further and ultimately to achieve their quest. The forest represents the unconscious or inner worlds where the archetypal act of spiritual transformation takes place whilst the adventures of the knights within this realm here represent the various challenges which confront the spiritual seeker as they journey towards the source of their being.

Significantly, each knight enters the forest at their own chosen point where the forest is darkest and where there is no path. This symbolises the uniqueness of the Soul’s Purpose for each individual. One must find their own particular pathway.Upon attaining the Grail the Maimed King is then restored to health and the kingdom of the wasteland is redeemed. The wounding of the Grail king which is referred to as the 'Dolorous Blow' represents the constraints that physical incarnation places on our spiritual nature whereby this is effectively ‘wounded’ and handicapped in terms of its true and full expression. This symbolises that one’s divine essence- the monad- which had previously lost its way in the material world, can now express and radiate its spiritual qualities despite the constraints of physical form. 

In the Grail romances the Quest Del Saint Graal and Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur it is Galahad who ultimately attains the Grail. Galahad embodies such qualities as purity, honour, courage and virtue which symbolise what is required if one is to successfully tread the spiritual path which leads to the source of their being.

Galahad and the Quest for the Grail


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