Douglas Baker

Dr Douglas Baker was a unique individual who, through hard work and spiritual disciplines, gained access to the esoteric teachings that so many people are interested in but cannot understand or apply. He explained matters in a way that simplified the complex and gave tangible applications to spiritual concepts that usually remain nebulous. Douglas gave out these teachings to the world with the intent of elevating the consciousness of humanity, opening the eyes of materialists to the inner worlds and rooting the feet of mystics in reason and science.

Douglas worked tirelessly to reveal the esoteric background to psychology, medicine and physics and gave us the spiritual tools to discover our purpose for being. He always said that it was his goal to "teach teachers", with the intention of disseminating Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Douglas gave thousands of live lectures worldwide and in recent times he organised seminars and summer schools at his home in England. He was also a prolific author with a massive collection teachings and held together a group of friends and co-workers from across the world for over 50 years.

The picture on the right is a portrait in oil of Dr. Baker painted in 2013 by Paul Barker. It shows Douglas wearing his beloved beret with his regimental badge of the Natal Mounted Rifles. Douglas was a veteran of WWII and served in the Desert Campaign in North Africa and then Italy. He received two serious wounds, the first in the battle of El Alamein and then a second, life threatening, wound in Italy. While waiting to be evacuated from a field hospital in Orvieto, Douglas had a powerful inner experience:

About 3 a.m. I heard two loud crashes which seemed to me, lying in the darkened crypt half awake, to sound like mortars exploding on the roof. A moment later, it was as if a powerful electric shock had entered me through the crown of my head, which was now bandaged anyway. A torrent of energy began to pour through me. It was as if I was wedged between two great electrodes, one applied to the vertex of my skull and the second to the soles of my feet, and their current traveled through me. It was more like a force that lit me up similar to a luminous bulb and persisted for two to three minutes. It did not frighten me; far from it, because the luminescence was accompanied by exhilaration. I felt the exhaustion driven from me and a mounting of the force led on to an ecstasy I had never known before. The phenomenon now settled into a sensation of fire, a subjective fire certainly, but incandescent nevertheless...a fire that warmed, energised and refreshed me. And then it left me and the darkness of the crypt closed in. The occurrence was not at that point revelatory and at the time I read nothing into it...

Wine, War & Valour 2006

In 1992 the British Prime Minister John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty which was a highly controversial European treaty. The negotiations were difficult and fractious not least in Britain. Many of John Majors own political party vehemently opposed Britain’s signing of the Treaty of Europe as it was officially known. The treaty gave the people of the twelve member states, at the time, European citizenship. The treaty also represented a new stage in European integration, opening the way to political assimilation. At the time Dr. Baker was running a series of seminars on the Seven Rays and the following audio clip is very interesting as he gave his esoteric opinion on Britain, America and Europe which is very pertinent as Britain decides whether to exit from the EU.

Douglas Baker

DOUGLAS BAKER 1922 - 2011

Dr. Baker in a portrait by Paul Barker.
Douglas Baker


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