Brenda Barker-Golding

I first met Dr Douglas Baker in 1991 at a lecture in Dorking, Surrey. At the time I was unable to fully grasp the subject matter under discussion, but it struck a chord with me and an innate need to know more. This is where my esoteric journey began. I attended further lectures and seminars and had the opportunity to have a Ray* analysis and an astrological consultation with Dr. Baker. This had a profound affect, a resonance which I couldn’t ignore. From the various insights Dr. Baker had given me, I became a student of Claregate College Correspondence Course and embarked on a course of study in the Esoteric Sciences and Esoteric Astrology which took several years. I also bridged this knowledge with the study and practice of the healing arts, setting up my first clinic in 1995. This prod from Dr Baker changed my life path, as it did to many who were fortunate to meet him or listen to one of his lectures. The affect of that fateful Ray analysis, right at the beginning of this journey, was an immense turning point in my life. Diagnosed at the age of fifteen with dyslexia, reading and writing never came easily to me. I became disillusioned with any form of education and felt this was a door not open to me. Yet here sat a man, Dr Douglas Baker, saying you would be good at this and that. He expressed an understanding of the situation I found myself in at the time. Dr Baker and the Claregate Group were nothing but encouraging. Esoteric science teaches three main and very important skills. The first is the keeping of a spiritual diary; the second astrology and the language of symbols, and thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, meditation. It was meditation that stilled my mind just enough to allow my dyslexic brain to read the written word. The spiritual diary opened up a communication with my soul. Astrology with it's symbolic language allowed me to question in-depth the inner worlds. This in turn opened the door to my muse and sparked a passion to become a poet. My verses are explorations into the dream world and over several publications I have explored many aspects of the inner words, as well as outer experience, often marrying the two. I would highly recommend the Claregate Metaphysics Course as a sound platform for all aspects of life.

Brenda Barker-Golding

* Esoteric Psychology & The Seven Rays - The purpose of a Ray analysis is to obtain certain information concerning the structure of the subject's personality and its relationship to the Higher Self.

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