Apollo the Greek Sun god is a symbol of spiritual light and radiance. He is able to illuminate and sustain all who surround him, in the same manner as the physical Sun functions within our solar system. In Esoteric Astrology this capacity is related to those born with Leo as their Rising Sign or Ascendant who, by radiating the qualities of the heart chakra such as unconditional love, compassion, empathy, peace, courage and discrimination, function as miniature Suns within their surrounding environment as a means of fulfilling their Soul's Purpose.

Apollo Vanquishing the Serpent

The story goes that Apollo killed the python of Delphi and took over the Oracle. This symbolises the ability of the spiritual aspirant towards overcoming and vanquishing any negative contents of the unconscious, including the Dweller on Threshold, so that the spiritualising energies of the archetypes, which reside there, can be utilised to full effect. One is then receptive to the voice of the Oracle whose utterances emanate from the realms of the Soul in cryptic or abstract format. We must be aware that when we tread the path, to obtain guidance from the Soul we are required to function at the level of abstract thought being receptive to symbolic imagery as a means of receiving guidance and direction from the Higher Self whilst simultaneously constructing the antakarana or bridge which links personality and Soul. Apollo shoots arrows of aspiration and insight and also of death. We witness here a correspondence with the Hindu god Shiva destroying forms which no longer serve a creative purpose so that new forms may arise thereby give greater opportunity to express the divine life force. Apollo is a god of music and the lyre sounding forth his creative notes. At the macrocosmic level one may view this as the great life which is being expressed through our Solar System, and whom Theosophy refers to as the Solar Logos, sounding forth the notes of the Seven Rays as he receives these and then distributes these throughout his domain. At the microcosmic level we may view this as symbolising the ability of the integrated personality able to sound to forth the notes of the Higher Self which are in harmony with the divine plan (we are challenged to align ourselves to the rhythms and harmonies of the cosmos as we seek to sound our own particular note, that of our spiritual essence - the Monad).

Apollo fathered Asclepius the god of medicine and¬†the leader of the Muses. Students of the Seven Ray teachings are aware that our Solar system, of which the Sun is at the centre, is governed by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom which rules healing and teaching. When we can evoke the Solar or spiritual principle within then we may utilise the healing energies of the Soul.¬†The Muses are the source of inspiration for music, poetry, the arts, history and dance. In terms of the wisdom teachings, to be inspired by the muses, means to be stirred creatively from the levels of the Soul which is the realm from which the archetypes or ‚Äėdivine ideas‚Äô are first expressed.¬†

Apollo and Muses


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