Course Structure

The course is designed as a distance learning course. It is presented in six modules, each with a different theme. The lessons are taught in a visual format, accompanied by a study guide. Two course textbooks by Dr Douglas Baker and one by Gary Kidgell provide all the essential background reading:

1. The Jewel in The Lotus - by Dr Douglas Baker

2. Superconciousness through Meditation - by Dr Douglas Baker

3. The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self - by Gary Kidgell

These books are available from our book store in paperback or ebook format on Kindle, Nook and iTunes.

Students may study at their own pace and there is no deadline towards completing the course. However it is recommended that students spend at least one month on each module. Questions and work projects are set for each module. These can be found in the study guide.

Whilst the submission of written work is not compulsory for each module, students are encouraged to submit answers as a way of consolidating and grounding their learning. This will also provide a sound basis for revision for the final question paper at the end of the course where written answers will be required if students wish to be awarded the certificate.

At the beginning of the course students will be assigned a tutor who will be available to assist them in their studies and practice. Fifteen minute tutorial sessions may be booked via telephone or Skype.


Astrology Dictionary
Shakespeare book
The Inner Journey