Course Content

Module One

  • Introduction to ‘The Seven Postulates of Ancient Wisdom’
  • Reincarnation, Karma and The Wheel of Rebirth explained
  • The Esoteric Human Constitution
  • The living nature of the universe and our relationship to the planetary consciousness

Module Two

  • The Purpose of the Soul
  • The Zodiac and the Wheel of Rebirth
  • The Spiritual Path
  • The Process of Psychosynthesis

Module Three

  • As Above So Below
  • The interconnectedness of all life
  • Maya-the great illusion
  • Analogy of Plato’s cave
  • Recognising and transforming one’s psychological weaknesses
  • Discrimination between Self and not-self

Module Four

  • The theory and practice of meditation
  • The Antakarana as a bridge between Soul and personality
  • The Spiritual Diary
  • The Psychopomp

Module Five

  • Introduction to the The Seven Rays
  • The Rays as a Psychological Key to the Mysteries
  • Sub-personalities and the role of the ‘witness’
  • Symbols as representations of archetypes
  • Symbolism and abstract thought - the language of the Soul

Module Six

  • Stress and its relationship to the Spiritual Path
  • The fruits of stress and altruistic egotism
  • The Middle Way
  • The origin and the purpose of archetypes


Astrology Dictionary
Shakespeare book
The Inner Journey