1. Foundation Course Module One

  • Postulate One- All forms are filled with life...
  • Postulate Two- All forms live within the body of a greater being...
  • Reincarnation and Karma Part I
  • Reincarnation and Karma Part II
  • Postulate Seven- There is no death only change of state... Who are We? Where do we come from?√ā¬†
  • Module One Study Guide
  • Glossary

*Includes Registration Fee


2. Foundation Course Module Two

  • The Biology of Rebirth
  • The Biology of Rebirth Tutorial
  • Psychosynthesis One Part I
  • Psychosynthesis One Part II
  • Psychosynthesis One Tutorial
  • Module Two Study Guide

3. Foundation Course Module Three

  • Postulate Three- As Above So Below...
  • Postulate Four- There is a continuum which links all life...
  • Postulate Six- The material world is an illusion...
  • Psychosynthesis Two Part I
  • Psychosynthesis Two Part II
  • Psychosynthesis Two Tutorial
  • Module Three Study Guide

4. Foundation Course Module Four

  • Meditation Theory and Practice
  • Psychosynthesis Three Part I
  • Psychosynthesis Three Part II
  • Psychosynthesis Three Tutorial
  • Module Four Study Guide

5. Foundation Course Module Five

  • Postulate Five- Our Solar System has a Septenary Nature...
  • Psychosynthesis Four Part I
  • Psychosynthesis Four Part II
  • Psychosynthesis Four Tutorial
  • Module Five Study Guide
  • Psychosynthesis Symbols

6. Foundation Course Module Six

  • Stress and the Path
  • Psychosynthesis Five Part I
  • Psychosynthesis Five Part II
  • Psychosynthesis Five Tutorial
  • Module Six Study Guide


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