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Claregate Correspondence Course

Overview & Content

Foundations in Esoteric Studies Course

This course features live video and studio recordings of lectures presented by Dr Baker and the Claregate Team. These recordings are supplemented with video tutorials and study guides for each module.

The course has been designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in the underlying principles of Ancient Wisdom. Students are provided with a carefully structured course of study to enable easy and rapid learning. Each module is expected to take one month to complete although students may take longer, should they think this necessary or if prevailing circumstances dictate. The course is presented in a modern audio-visual format available through this website.

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Esoteric Psychology - The Seven Rays Course

This course is based on the works of Dr. Douglas Baker who performed many hundreds of Ray analyses enabling his students to realize their full spiritual potential. This course is an in-depth study into the Seven Rays and from this knowledge students will be able to competently analyse their own Rays and fully realise their own spiritual potential. The Esoteric Psychology - The Seven Rays Course is presented in a series of video and audio recordings and over six modules each with study guides. There are examples of Ray analysis with contributions from Dr. Baker.

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Astrology Dictionary
Shakespeare book
The Inner Journey